Kalligrafie und Papier; calligraphy and paper

Paper journey

Kalligrafie Skizzenbücher und Blocks
calligraphy sketchbooks and blocks

Learning English Cursive in Milano with Barbara Calzolari

Today I tried to find out, which of the workshop-material I already have in my studio, and which ones I have to buy local or online.

Very quickly, I found out, this was a quite demanding task. Not only did I have to translate the Italian into German with Google translator (very funny, did you ever try?), I also tried to make out, which kind of paper I already posess, and could use.

So I started going through my paper, noticing a few very interesting things:

My material-preferences changed quite a bit over the years. Phases of loving very smooth and thin paper were followed by rather using smooth and thick, hotpressed watercolor paper. Then I liked paper with a grip and to make it more complicated going to all kinds of canvases to to paint and write on.

Parallel to that, I use big-sheet-single-papers (book-making kind, drawing-kind and watercolor-papers, cardboard-like), stored in a plan chest. (Which I will open later for you)

Beside this I have an IKEA-Scrap-Shelf, here I keep most of the left overs of any projects, which I might use again. It also stores a stack of old exhibition-posters, bigger size, the reverse is wonderful for practising flat brush letters.

And, oh, I almost forgot: I have a drawer with customized blank cards and enveloppes. So when I need to make a card, I can choose from a variety.

Kalligrafie Karte Umschlag
calligraphy envelopes and cards - ready to use

As there is a lot more going on paperwise, I'll be back to tell you more soon. Also there are some more paper-pictures waiting.

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